How Do I Print Double Sided on My Printer?

The double-sided printing feature available on your multifunction printer helps to print on both sides of a document. Check if your printer arrives with this feature. If yes, select the settings to start printing. It’s time to complete your Print jobs. The settings for printing on both sides may differ for Windows and Mac. It’s time to learn how to print double-sided.

How to Enable Double-sided Printing On Mac?

To learn how to print double-sided on mac, follow the steps below:

  1. Switch on your Mac device as the first step
  2. Choose the System Preference Settings
  3. Find the option, Printers, and Scanners
  4. Wait for a while until you can find the list of Printers
  5. Use the Drop- Down Menu that appears to select your Printer
  6. Now you can navigate to the Settings button on your Printer
  7. Find the options tab and select the option, Duplex Printing
  8. The on-screen instructions will appear on your device screen to complete your Print jobs.

You can also choose the Print layout from the Drop-down menu that appears.

How to Enable Double-sided Printing On Mac
How to Print Front and Back Windows

How to Print Front and Back Windows?

To enable the double-sided printing feature, refer to the guidelines below

  1. From your windows device, select the control panel settings
  2. Now find the option, Printers, and Fax
  3. Right-click your printer to choose the printing preferences
  4. Search to find the option, Print on both sides to enable the two-sided printing

Alternate Method

  1. Tap on the Print icon after selecting the document
  2. Go to the print menu and select the option, More Settings. You can now wait for the settings window to appear. Finally, click on the drop-down menu to enable the duplex Printing

Printing Double Sided Manually

If the duplex printing feature is not available on your Printer, you can print your documents manually

  1. Select the document to print
  2. Then connect your computer to the Printer
  3. Go to the File menu and tap on the Print Icon
  4. You can now view the settings tab
  5. Click on the tab, Print one-sided
  6. Finally, choose the option, Manually print on both sides
  7. As you print the document, you will receive a prompt to turn over the page manually to print again
  8. The manual print settings are complete

Double Sided Printing on Canon Printer

It’s easy to print Print double-sided on a canon printer if you read and understand the steps below

  1. At first, select the document print and navigate to the File Menu. You can now select the Canon printer model
  2. Find the preference or properties window
  3. Now open the Printing preference pane. Then go to the page setup tab. Finally enable the Duplex Printing check box
  4. The print area may narrow slightly if you proceed with the settings to print. You can use the reduced printing option available. Check the quality of printed documents if the Print jobs are complete

How to Print Double Sided on Canon Printer Mac?

  • Turn on your Canon printer
  • Then select the appropriate settings to add a Canon printer to your Mac device. You can go to the Apple menu, System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners
  • If the above step is complete, open the printing application
  • The print dialogue box will now appear on your screen
  • Select the option, Two-sided
  • Choose the layout from the drop-down menu
  • Also, choose the other settings that you prefer
  • Finally click on the option, Print, and go forward with the onscreen settings to complete the Printing process.

How to Fix My Printer Not Printing Double-Sided?

Let us help you to fix the errors that pop up during double-sided printing

  1. You can navigate to the Printer and Fax settings on your computer. Then right-click the printer driver to select the properties tab. Tap on the device settings tab and check if the duplex printing feature is available
  2. Stop your Print jobs, turn off your Printer and use it after a while
  3. Always ensure to choose the appropriate print settings
  4. Check and verify the software settings on your Printer and Computer. Upgrade the software to the new version
  5. If the double-sided printing option is not enabled, Go to Start Menu>Select the device control panel> Choose the option, Devices, and Printers > Right-click the Printer > Tap on the Print preference tab> Enable the option, Print on both sides
  6. If you are printing manually, ensure to place the paper properly and select the appropriate manual Print settings
  7. Check the hardware connection. Use good quality cables to connect your Canon printer to the Windows and Mac device using
  8. Also, verify the Print settings by printing a test document
  9. Ensure to place the Paper properly before starting the Print Jobs
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