Canon Printer – How To Print On Envelopes On Mac And Windows?


You have an envelope and require an envelope for some reason, maybe for some courier or for sending any letters or invitations. You can get to see various types of eye-catching envelopes and might be eager how to print envelopes. Of course, you can print it with the help of a third party but experience the satisfaction, and make your own design and print it yourself even if you are not print savvy. It is pretty easy to do than you expect. That’s is good news! So let’s go ahead and get started.

You can learn how to print envelopes either with a delivery and return address or fancy calligraphy writings and much more using Microsoft windows. In fact, you can do it on both Windows and Mac. Also, in various printers, but the process may slightly differ according to the printer and the computer.


How To Print Envelopes For Windows and Mac?


  • To begin with, designing your envelope, turn on your PC or laptop and open the Microsoft word on it to printing envelope in word. Open a new blank document to start fresh. Click on the blank document, and doing so will open the new word document all new.
  • Now you can find the mailings option on the toolbar on the blank document. Once you see it click on the same. Navigate to the create section on the left most corner of the document’s toolbar and select “Envelopes.” Now you are in the envelope and labels section.
  • Enter the delivery address in the appropriate fields with the delivery address heading. Make sure you enter the correct delivery address, same as your requirement. Next, in the return address text box, enter the return address without any errors.
  • After you complete the above-mentioned details, click on the options tab given below. It directs you to envelop options on the next page. Choose the print envelope size from the drop-down, and you can change the font you want to and check the preview.
  • Then click the print options tab on the top window and select the envelope feed format.  This is how you need to insert the envelope into the printer. Press ok to move further.
  • Before that, make sure your computer connects with the printer, and if not, do it now. Place the envelope on the printer’s input tray according to the feed format that you chose. Finally, click the ” print ” option to get your envelope.

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Print On Envelopes On Mac

  • First, open your word and a new blank document on it. This set of instructions are similar to that of windows.
  • Select the mailing option on the toolbar and the mailings option. Then click the envelope option. Now enter the delivery address and the return address.
  • You will find the print option on the same page below. Select the use setting from your printer from the option.
  • Choose page setup and select your format and paper size, and press ok and again a-OK to see the preview of the envelope.
  • Make sure your printer is in link with your Mac and go to File and click Print from the drop-down. That’s as simple as that.

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How To Create And Print An Envelope In Word?

  1. Firstly, launch Microsoft Word and open a blank document to printing envelope in word.
  2. Choose the “mailings” option from the toolbar. Select envelopes from the create section.
  3. Then enter your delivery address and your return address in the appropriate text boxes.
  4. Now select the envelope option under the options tab below.
  5. Select your envelope size, customize the font as well as adjust the location of the addresses on the envelope.
  6. Now go to the Printing Options from the same window to specify how the envelope is fed to the printer. This setting may vary according to the printer.
  7. Finally, click “Print” to print the envelope or the “Add to the document” option to add the envelope as a new page in the current document or print envelopes.

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How to Load an Envelope Into a Canon Printer

  • Initially, make sure to use a smooth and flat envelope and make sure it doesn’t have any dust or ripped-off corners, and the flap is closed.
  • Now comes the part of loading the envelope on the printer. Pull out the input tray from the printer.
  • If your envelope’s edges are not flat, place it on a flat surface and use a pen or pencil to press it down and flatten the envelope’s edges. Ensure that envelop doesn’t have curl or puffs.
  • Load envelopes into the cassette with the print side facing down and close the lid and push it all the way into the printer.
  • Now press the open and pull out the extension. At last, press the Feed Switch button to turn on the Cassette light.


How To Print Envelopes On A Canon Printer?

At first, Open the input tray and the extension from the printer. Gently load the stack of print envelopes and make sure to insert the envelopes as far as they will go. Also, ensure the envelopes are firm, and the edges don’t have any curls. Adjust the paper guides to the sides of the envelopes.

Now on your computer, give the print command. If you still do not have a design, just scroll up and finish the design and come back. Select the Printer–Adjust Preferences–Print envelopes.

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Why Won’t My Printer Print An Envelope?

You may be missing one or two of the settings options.

  1. One, make sure you see the landscape in the page setting instead of a portrait one.
  2. Ensures a proper feed.
  3. Try printing it on a standard sheet.
  4. Preview and just see how your document looks.
  5. Make sure your printer driver matches your printer.
  6. Word needs to be concerned.

We offer agent-assisted support. If you still require assistance on how to print envelopes, please feel free to dial the toll-free number +1-844-982-4357 or visit

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