Privacy Policy

Data collection

We collect data from our customers for serving them better. We collect data such as phone number, name, address and card details for assisting them when they call us or chat with us. We are mindful of the data the customers share with us and use them responsibly. We deeply respect their privacy and safeguard it. We never reveal the data we collect to third parties. In case of legal actions only do we reveal the data to the respective authorities and at the same time giving notice to the person about it.

User responsibility

Our users also have certain responsibilities to keep their data secure from any breach of data. We are not responsible if the information you share is misused by the people who visit our site. The data we receive we keep secure however if it is breached by other people we are not to be held in question for the actions. The user has the total responsibility to share the data on the site with discernment.


We have absolute rights to end the services for the user who practice unlawful actions. We also have the right to place them under judicial law. They will have to face the repercussions if they are guilty.


The Cookies are launched on our site for the reason of improving connectivity and services to the users who visit our site. It is the wish of the user’s to enable or disable the cookies on site usage. We advise our users to hold the cookies to have the up-to-date features and messages related to the site development.

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