Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned here are essential for all the users who visit our site. We suggest our users read through the guidelines presented here to comprehend the services we are providing and what type of methods we are using for the purpose of collecting data for the services. The cookies we are presenting in our site abide privacy policies. You have to also refer to the privacy policies to be aware of all the data collection procedures and judicial laws we are following and insist on our users to follow for availing of our services.

The site owner will contain all the intellectual rights on the contents in terms of all the images, videos, textual and many more offered in the site. All the contents are made public only with the intention of delivering the right information for the users. The contents we use are not available for actions such as reproducing, renting, duplicating, plagiarizing, etc. In case of situations like altering the contents to look different, when this act is identified appropriate actions will be taken against the website or person. There must be prior permission taken from us for the essentials to be carried out.

We provide free access to the users to refer to information from our sites for all the setup processes. This freedom must not be taken as an advantage to tamper the site. The illegal actions must be avoided at all costs.  We have the right to take serious actions if we doubt any person or site of disrupting our services.

We have put all our efforts to provide data that is accurate and beneficial. However, we do not guarantee absolute responsibility if it does not work for your devices. We are not liable to the problems you may experience in regard to the processes provided in the site. If any information is deemed faulty we hold the right to rectify the matters if it is brought to our notice.

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