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Canon printers have revolutionized the printing era by producing versatile and high-quality printers. The printers are compatible with many devices including Mac and Windows. You can efficiently print using your Canon printer without encountering any glitches. With the Canon printers, you can perform various functions such as print, scan, copy, and fax without encountering any issues. Canon keeps introducing new printers with amazing and intriguing features. Furthermore, the canon printer setup is an effortless process that you can complete without any hassles by visiting the website

Unboxing the Canon printer

This is the first step in how to set up your Canon printer

  • Firstly, remove the Canon printer from its box, then place it on a clean surface
  • Make sure to remove the plastic orange tapes around the Canon printer
  • Discard the packing materials
  • Thereafter using the power cord insert it into the printer’s rear and a wall socket, then turn it on
  • Always, use the power cord that came with your printer to prevent damages
  • Now remove the Canon printer cover to insert the ink cartridges or the toner cartridge
  • Ensure not to touch the copper contacts or the ink nozzles
  • Also, make sure not to bump them against the surrounding parts

Installing Canon Wireless printer via

Complete the Canon wireless printer setup using any of the following methods

Wireless setup for Canon Printers without a touchscreen control panel

If your canon printer doesn’t have a touch screen control panel, you must make your printer enters the easy Wireless Connect Mode

  • Press the ‘Stop’ button if the power light is flashing to make it stop
  • Thereafter press and hold the ‘Direct’ button on your printer and untilthe wireless icon starts to flash
  • Now the Canon printer is in easy Wireless Connect Mode

Alternatively, you can enable the easy wireless connect mode on your printer by following the steps below

  • Firstly, press the stop button on your Canon printer
  • Thereafter press and hold the ‘Wireless’ button on your printer until the ‘ON’ light starts to flash
  • Subsequently, press the ‘Color’ button on your Canon printer control panel
  • Finally, press the ‘Wireless’ button once more to ensure that ‘ON’ light is still lit and ‘Wireless’ light is flashing
  • Now the Canon printer is in easy Wireless Connect Mode

Wireless setup for Canon Printers with a touchscreen control panel

If your printer has a touchscreen, follow the instructions below to connect your printer to the wireless network

  • To begin with, open the ‘LAN Settings’ from the ‘Device Settings’ or ‘Wireless Settings’ menu
  • Thereafter select the ‘Wireless LAN Setup’ option after selecting ‘Wireless LAN’
  • Subsequently, select the ‘Manual Setup’ option. Consequently, your Canon printer will scan for available networks
  • Next, select your wireless network from the list. Finally, connect your Canon printer to the wireless network by entering your network key

Note : In case if your wireless network key or passphrase includes upper case characters, you can press the ‘*’ button to switch from lower case to upper case and vice versa

Quick Canon IJ Setup guide via

  • Canon Printer Installation

    • To begin with, load your Canon CD into your computer to start the installation process
    • Otherwise, open a browser, then navigate to
    • Thereafter click on the ‘Set up’ option
    • Following this, enter your Canon printer model in the given field, then click ‘Go’
  • Canon Printer Driver Download

    • Next, click ‘Download’ to download the software on your computer
    • Open the downloaded file to begin your installation process by clicking ‘Start Setup’
    • Subsequently, follow the easy on-screen directions as you proceed during the installation process
    • Consequently, the software will detect your Canon printer and click on ‘Yes’ to confirm
  • Canon Printer Wireless Setup

    • If your printer is in the easy Wireless Connect Mode, follow the steps below
    • The list of available wireless networks will be displayed
    • Select your network from the list
    • After that, enter your wireless network key
  • Canon Printer Software

    • Now the Canon software will download and install the necessary drivers for your Canon printer
    • Finally, complete the Canon printer setup by following the easy instructions on your screen
    • After the setup print a test page on your Canon printer and check its quality
    • Ensure to register your Canon printer at the end of the process

How to download Canon printer drivers using website

To manually download the Canon printer drivers, follow the steps given below

  • Firstly, on your computer navigate to the
  • Next, select ‘Printers’ from the Product list
  • Following this select your printer model
  • Thereafter click on ‘Drivers and Downloads’ beside it
  • The website will automatically detect your OS and display it
  • If you want to change your OS, click on it
  • After that, download the desired drivers on your computer
  • Finally, install the drivers by following the simple on-screen directions

Canon Printer Models



Canon Maxify printer can achieve the fastest document printing, consisting of an overlapping paper feed mechanism. This can support you in providing high-quality photos and images. Canon Maxify printer is stylish, sleek, and compact that can give you quality prints.



Canon Pixma printer is a series of wireless inkjet printer and is packed with features like wireless and cloud printing capabilities. This printer proffers a high-quality printing solution and can take full creative control of the images with Pixma.



Canon Laser Printers can provide high-quality graphics and texts. This printer can print fastly with the excellent design that is created for new group business. And it can produce super-fast prints and proffers Enhanced Security solutions with Advanced Usability.



Canon Selphy is designed sleek and attractive and consists of fantastic print quality. This printer can meet all your printing requirements and has a variety of print functions, and the user interface can provide you with fun-filled printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install and Setup Canon Wireless Printer?

  • Remove the printer from the package and connect the power cables to the printer
  • Insert the ink cartridge to the ink carriage slots
  • load the papers to the paper tray
  • Power up the printer and enter the required basic information like the time, place and preferred language
  • Once done, you can use the WPS method for the wireless connection
  • Ensure whether both the printer and the router is capable of using the WPS method
  • Then you can proceed the installation steps using either the windows method or through the Mac method
  • It is always recommended to use the website for the driver installation.

How to Connect Canon Printer to WIFI?

  • If you prefer the secure wireless network to your printer then follow the WPS method for the network connection
  • To use the WPS method, make sure that both your printer and the router is capable of the WPS method
  • You can make sure by studying the manual to check whether your printer supports the WPS method
  • Firstly, power on the WPS Push button on the printer as well as on the router
  • Then after some minutes check that the light on the wireless option blinks
  • If yes, then you are connected to the wireless network using the WPS method.

How to Connect Canon Printer to iPhone?

  • Ensure that your canon printer supports the air print option
  • If yes, then also ensure that both the printer and your iPhone is connected to the same wireless network
  • Open the application that you wish to use from your mobile
  • The list of application options are email, safari or ever note
  • Select the image or file that you want to print
  • To print the selected image tap on the app’s share icon
  • Choose the printer that has enabled the air print option
  • Add the printer to the application
  • Choose the number of copies that you required
  • And tap the print option and enjoy your printing experience with the canon printer.

How to Install the software in Canon Printer?

  • Complete all the steps for the wireless network connection on the printer
  • As soon as the wireless network is connected, you can get the notification for the software update on the printer panel
  • Follow these steps for the driver installation on the printer using the CD that came along with the printer
  • Connect the same wireless network to the printer and the computer
  • Insert the CD to the computer that came along with the printer
  • Wait for the CD to open automatically if it does not open then enter to my computer and double-tap the CD option
  • Then select the latest updated software version and start to download it
  • And install it on your printer
  • Check any troubleshooting issues persist, once you update the software
  • You can check by printing the alignment page.

Why is my canon printer not printing properly?

if you face the issue in printing then follow these steps and resolve your issues

  • Check whether the paper jam has occurred
  • Ensure the printing ink quantity has decreased
  • If you are printing through the mobile, then make sure that the printer is synced with the mobile
  • Additionally, check whether that the paper tray contains the fresh paper for printing
  • Also, check that there are any issues in the software update
  • Print the alignment page and check were the issues persist

Why Is The Canon Printer Not Responding?

  • If the Canon printer is not responding, then check that the printer has lost the wireless connection from the router
  • To resolve it you can restart the printer and enter the correct SSID and password to the network
  • Now, check whether your printer is responding
  • Check whether those issues persist after the software update
  • If yes, then uninstall the software and re install the software
  • Then also check that the printer gets the proper network, sometime the signal of the router may vary
  • This can also cause the issue in the printer

Why Won’t Canon Printer Scan?

  • Check that the scan setting might completed in the wrong manner
  • The scan issues can arise if the home computer may not contain sufficient storage for the scanning
  • The improper basic settings in the color and the paper size setting may create the scanning issues
  • This can also happen because of the document you process to scan
  • Try to resolve the issues and fix the scanning problem in the Canon printer

Why Does The Canon Printer Go Offline?

  • If your Canon printer go offline? then check whether that the printer offline option is enabled on the printer
  • If yes then disable the printer offline option, that makes your printer go offline
  • By these steps, you can enjoy the canon printing experience without any troubleshooting issues


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