How To Setup Canon Pixma G3200 Wireless Printer for Windows and Mac?

Canon Pixma G3200 Wireless Setup and Installation

Canon Pixma G3200 is our suggestion if you are expecting excellent print quality and speed. For the Printer setup, good speed internet is always required. Hence you can understand Canon Pixma G3200 wireless setup instructions to proceed further.

The settings differ for both Windows and Mac operating system. Hence suggest you to make a note of the operating system version that you use. Complete the setup and start printing your documents in excellent speed and quality.

Choose the Canon Pixma G3200 Model

As this model is well known for the most exciting features and specifications, the demand for this model is high

The most  highlighting  features include

  1. Compact and easy to use
  2. Excellent print resolution
  3. Integrated Ink tank system
  4. Inkjet technology
  5. Supports both Windows and Mac operating system
  6. Document feeder with the capacity to hold 100 sheets

Let us provide you a few updates here if you are interested to know the available connectivity methods

We can assure excellent quality and speed with Canon Pixma models

What is the Available Internet Connection Method for Canon?

  1. Wireless connect feature
  2. WPS connection method
  3. Standard connection method
Canon Pixma G3200 Wireless Setup
Canon Pixma G3200 Wireless Setup

It’s  your interest to choose the best methods compatible

Wireless Connect Feature

This feature is available to use with latest Printer models and if wireless connect is your choice

  • Enable the feature on your device
  • All you need to do is to press and hold the wireless icon continuously for a while
  • Wait for the wireless light to blink
  • Now go back to the settings to proceed further
  • The connection will be active after a while

WPS Connection Method

Check if the Canon Pixma G3200 model is compatible to use with the WPS connection method. The options available include the Push button and Pin mode. The device that you use must have this feature active, or else it’s hard to proceed with the setup

  • To carry on with the setup, switch the device ON
  • Start your search to find the Wi-Fi button
  • Enable the WPS push button mode and carry on with the settings
  • Do not miss any of the setup settings

Standard Connection Method

If any of the above-listed connection methods do not support, you can choose the standard connection method

For Windows version, this method is more compatible

  • Insert the device setup CD that arrives with the package
  • Open and click on the setup file
  • You can view the settings to execute as you proceed
  • Select the option, Wireless LAN
  • Once if the network connection is active, carry on with the remaining setup settings

You can restore the settings, in case if you end up with issues and it’s the Factory reset settings you need to execute

Carry on with the remaining steps and software update is the next step. You can visit the compatible Canon software download page and then provide the required data that include the name and operating system version

What If You Get Stuck With Canon Pixma G3200 Wireless Setup Errors?

  • If you do not resolve the errors, proceeding with the setup can be tough
  • Always select the method compatible with your operating system version
  • Reset the device and then check if you can avoid the issues
  • Scan your device to get rid of the malware or external software’s
  • If the errors stills remain, replace the device with a new one
  • Switch to an alternate connection method, if the existing connection doesn’t work
  • Do not miss any of the instructions as you proceed with the Internet settings
  • If you prefer wired methods, place the router close to the device
  • If using the software setup CD is your choice, extract the setup file to the required folder to proceed. Verify and validate if the setup file is compatible

Do you have any plans to purchase this model? Suggest you to check the latest reviews available

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