How Do I Setup Canon Pixma G4210 Wireless Printer?

Canon Pixma G4210 Setup Guide for Wi-Fi Connection

The Canon Pixma G4210 wireless setup is an All-in-one printer that will allow you to print without worrying about the status of ink. It contains a built-in copy, scan, and fax facilities. The features like AirPrint, Canon print app and the capabilities of wifi will offer you amazing printing experience. Use this printer in your home or office for effective print jobs. This printer is very much essential for all your needs. To set this printer you have to follow some of the steps given below.

Canon Pixma G4210 Setup
Canon Pixma G4210 Setup

Some of the access points called as the routers have an automatic connection button called WPS. It stands for wifi protected setup that permits you to connect to the network without any requirement of entering the password. This method is the easiest way of linking the PIXMA printer. If the access point has the WPS button you can choose the WPS connection method for the instructions to connect by this method

WPS Connection Method for Canon Pixma G4210 Wireless Printer

Before beginning the process check if the below requirements are ready to use the WPS push button.

  • The physical WPS button must be present in the access point. You have to check the user guide of the device for the exact details. If the WPS push button is not present you can use the methods in the standard connection method section
  • The network has to use the WPA that is the wifi protected setup or the WPA protocol. The WPS enabled access points must utilize this protocol
  • Ensure if the printer power is on
  • Hold the wifi button at the top of the printer until the orange light flashes and then release it
  • Ensure if the wifi button begins flashing and then go to the access point and click the WPS button within two minutes.
  • When performing the setup the green light will also start to flash. If the printer is successful enough to make a connection to the wireless network then the blue and the green light will stop the flashing and remain lit

To check if the printer connection isĀ  successful you can print the network settings of the printer if you prefer

  • Ensure if the printer power is ON
  • Load the sheet of papers that are suitable for the printer such as A4 or letter-sized papers
  • Hold the cancel button till the orange alarm light flashes fifteen times. Then the network information page will print
  • When you are referring to the printout examine if the connection shows active and that the SSID service set identifier that is the name of the wireless network shows the right name of the wireless network
  • This is the end of the setup procedure of WPS in your Canon PIXMA G4210 wireless

The Standard Connection Method Canon Pixma G4210 Wireless Printer

  • Put in the CD that comes with the printer and run the setup.
  • If the setup CD ROM is not automatically running then insert the computer again and press My Computer or This PC.
  • Choose the CD-ROM and click [MSETUP4.EXE].
  • When the screen displays press Next.
  • Choose the wireless LAN connection as a connection method and then press Next.
  • Choose the Access point connection as the wireless LAN method for connection.
  • Make sure the printer power is ON
  • The software will now check the network for the printers connected
  • If the setting up of the printers is the first time it will not be found so make sure if the “setting printer could not be found on list” is chosen and press OK
  • The guide for setup will begin
  • Press next
  • Tap Cable less setup
  • When the screen displays hold the wifi button on the printer until you see the flashing of the orange light
  • It will flash two times and you have to stop holding after the second flash
  • Ensure if the blue wifi light flashes and the green light remains lit
  • The message “network connection is temporarily disabled” will display
  • Once the connection is over click next and follow all the instructions to complete the setup like the region, language and also the software you like to install

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