Canon Printer Drivers – Simple Steps To Download and Install Drivers for Windows 10

Canon Printer Drivers

Canon printer’s are well known for their excellent home and office uses. However, After getting the Canon printers you will have to install the Canon printer drivers for making it work better. The Canon website is available to get the Canon printer drivers. You can visit the Canon site to identify and download the driver. Follow the points below to get the Canon printer driver for Windows 10.

The Canon printers do not have the same model so you have to download specific software for canon drivers for Windows 10. The process we are going to see is the manual option for download.

Canon Printer Drivers
Canon Printer Drivers
  • Type in the Canon printer model and the name of the driver on the search bar. For example input “Canon mf5630” on the screen.
  • The direct link to download the printer drivers will also be there in the sites so you can make use of it
  • Choose the particular operating system for downloading the perfect driver
  • Now click download to get the driver for your computer powered by Windows 10
  • Double click the file you have downloaded and then go along with the instructions on the screen to get the driver
  • Sometimes it is not very easy to find the drivers you may need for your Windows 10 therefore you can get the help of Canon experts to know what to do

Consider the following points before downloading the drivers

The Model Name of the Product

It is simple when you acquire the Canon printer model name because it will direct you to the Canon page easily.

The Right Operating System

Find and use the driver that is compatible with the operating system. The drivers that do not suit the operating system may cause problems for the computer as well as the printer.

Check for the compatible OS for your printer model by following the below steps-

  1. Firstly, choose the category of the printer product
  2. Now the product series
  3. Choose the model
  4. Select the type of document and then click downloads and drivers
  5. Then tap button ‘Find’
  6. Check for the compatible operating system on the list which will appear on the left

The Right Driver Version

The site will offer you many versions for you to download the drivers. However, you have to opt for the one which suits your printer. Mostly, it is best if you choose the latest drivers as it will have all the additional features for better performance of the printer.

When to Update the Canon Printer Drivers?

Because of the many enhanced aspects in Windows 10 the Canon printer drivers too will need an update. This is important to fix the bugs or any hitches in the drivers. Here are the few steps to update the Canon drivers.

  • Go to the printer connection from the computer
  • Press start and key in ‘Windows update’
  • On the screen you have to select the option ‘check for updates’
  • After you get the output you have to choose ‘optional updates’. You can also choose the option ‘install updates’ links
  • Now go along with all the onscreen steps to finish the job

Where can I Find the Updates?

  • The drivers are available in Canon webpage. You have to go to the Canon support page
  • Type in the printer model and the series of printers that matches your printer will appear on the screen
  • The printer models will have a direct link to their respective drivers
  • Now on the drivers and software tab you have to choose the printer model and obtain the access for the download link
  • On the operating system you have to tap option Windows
  • Choose the right version of the OS
  • Press the Drivers link
  • Then Tap agree to the user terms and conditions
  • Tap the driver and install it
  • Go along with the onscreen instructions to complete the update

The printers and drivers from the Canon site is excellent for the working of your printers. So get it from the Canon website only as they are safe and secure for your printer and computer.

If you have any enquiries to make regarding Canon printer drivers you can give a call to our technical team @ +1-844-982-4357 for assistance. You can also check out our site Canon com ijsetup for more information on Canon printer drivers for Windows 10.

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