Canon Pixma MG5750 Setup For Wireless Connection

Canon Pixma MG5750 Setup

Want to know about the Canon Pixma MG5750 setup? Then there are some access points otherwise called routers and hubs that feature the automatic connection button labeled as WPS which is the wifi protected setup that permits the devices to link with the network without requiring to key in the password. This is the simplest method of linking with the PIXMA printer if the access point has a WPS button. Now you can opt for the WPS connection method given below. On the other hand, if the access point does not support WPS you can choose the standard connection method.

Canon Pixma MG5750 Setup
Canon Pixma MG5750 Setup

Arrange WPS Connection method for Canon Pixma MG5750 Setup

Before beginning, there are some conditions you have to take care

The access point must contain the physical WPS push button. You have to check with the user guide for more details. If the WPS push button is not available you can use the methods in the standard connection method. The network must utilize WPA or wifi protected access. It can also use the WPA2 security protocol. Most of the WPS enabled access points to make use of this protocol

  • Firstly, click the home button (A) on the printer
  • Then, use the up and down buttons (A) to choose the WLAN setup icon
  • Now, click the left function button (B)
  • Next, the (blue) wifi light (c) gets lit when the wireless connection is activated
  • After that, the printer will now at this moment look for the access points that support the WPS feature
  • Now, the printer display should be shown like this
  • Then, click and hold the button WPS on the access point for five seconds and then release
  • Click the OK button on the printer for two minutes
  • The blue wifi light on the printer will flash while looking for the connection with the access point
  • Lastly, the screen will show a connection with the access point. Click ok to finish the setup

Arrange a Standard Connection method for Canon Pixma MG5750 Setup

  • Click the (home) button (A) for the printer
  • Utilize the up and down buttons (A) to choose WLAN setup icon
  • Click the left function button (B)
  • The (blue) wifi lamp and the (C) will light up when the wireless connection is enabled
  • The printer will at this moment automatically look for the access points that support the WPS feature
  • Click the stop/reset button
  • Choose the standard setup and then click OK button to begin the standard setup process
  • The printer will now look for the available networks near it
  • Utilize the up and down to choose the access point. This is the name of the SSID of the network and then click OK
  • Press the OK button to input or edit the network password
  • Key in the network password WEP or the passphrase of the wireless network
  • You can key in the characters if the keyboard is displayed on the printer’s LCD and after that go along with the process below
  • The entry of the password is case sensitive therefore press the center function button (A) to change between the lower case, upper case and numeric characters
  • Utilize the navigation buttons to choose the character from the keyboard and then click OK to choose and move on to the next characters
  • Repeat A and B to key in more number of characters
  • If you have entered the network password then click the left function button to choose Done
  • Now the network password will be displayed
  • Confirm the details you have input are correct
  • If you make a fault click OK to edit the password
  • Click the left function to complete it

 Getting back network settings to factory setting default

If you prefer to reset the network settings back to the factory default, for instance, you can modify the access point so you can perform it by going along with the methods given here.

  • Click the home option for Canon Pixma MG5750 setup
  • Utilize the up and down options to navigate to the icon setup
  • Click the right function option
  • Utilize the button for selecting the device settings
  • Click ok to continue
  • Choose the down button to go to Yes reset setting?
  • Click OK button to reset the wireless LAN settings
  • The message processing “please wait momentarily” will appear on the screen
  • Click OK to finish the wireless LAN reset
  • Now the wireless will reset to the default settings

To know more about  Canon Pixma MG5750 setup you can visit our site or contact our support team @ +1-844-982-4357 for more information.

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