How to Setup Canon Pixma MX490 Printer?

Canon Pixma MX490 Setup Guide

The Canon Pixma MX490 is the type of model in the Canon printer series. It is well known because of its fine quality. It has many good features such as you will be able to connect it to the wireless network. With the aid of this printer, you will be able to share the network at the workplace. Now here is a setup process for you to use the Canon Pixma MX490.

Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Setup Steps

Canon Pixma MX490 Setup
Canon Pixma MX490 Setup
  • Before the setup, you have to ensure if the router is set up properly and no issue is in the network.
  • Make sure both the system and the network are in a connection
  • Check to plug the printer on to the socket and power on the printer. The Green LED light on the printer will show that it is On
  • When the display on the screen is blank the printer will turn ON. Then you have to tap the button copy. When the screen is ON press the button setup on the touch panel display
  • On the wireless LAN setup on the touch panel, you have to tap the OK button. It will now begin to look for several modes. Tap the stop till you see the wireless LAN setup and it will follow by ‘standard setup’ found on the screen
  • You can scroll right to look for many options and tap OK. Do this after choosing the cable less setup on the printer
  • Now you will need to install the printer software on the system. You will be able to do that through the CD ROM or you can also manually download the driver from the official website of Canon.
  • You can begin with the language, country and then select the language of the printer for setup
  • Select the device, operating system and also the folder through which you will require to download the file. You have to double-click on the file which you have downloaded for launching it and RUN the setup
  • Now you have to select the wireless LAN connection of the printer method as the Canon Pixma MX490. To choose the printer connection method you have to select the connection through the wireless router method
  • Keep your printer ON and the software will search for the printer that is already in connection with the network. After that select next
  • Press next to the cables less start menu
  • To continue with the installation you have to click on the license and agreement to begin the process. You have to tap on the complete tab after the option is shown ‘setup being installed’.
  • After the process of installation, you can test by printing a test page. This is to check if the setup is accurate or not. Then after that, you have to press the execute button.

Linking the Canon Pixma MX490 to Wi-Fi

To connect the Canon Pixma MX490 to Wi-Fi:

  1. First of all, ensure that the printer is turned on
  2. Now tap the setup button
  3. You can use the arrow buttons to choose the Wireless LAN setup
  4. Then, push the OK button
  5. The printer shall start to search for suitable wireless routers
  6. Choose the method that matches with the printer, and this even gets showcased on your printer

In case if the push-button screen is displayed on the printer, but you will be confused about whether the wireless router supports the technology.

Also, press the stop button. Otherwise, it’s better to try out the CD-ROM to perform the necessary process. The user also needs to power on the printer and choose a connection alternative. Then click on the Next option to provide the data and finish off the setup as well.

How to Reset Canon Pixma MX490?

  • Firstly press the power button to power off the Canon printer
  • Now you have to tap stop and reset button which can be found in the control panel for some seconds
  • While you are tapping the stop and reset buttons you can press the power button
  • Hold the two buttons for five seconds and release button the stop and reset
  • Ensure that you have not released power button
  • Continue holding the power button when you are pushing the stop and reset
  • When you are releasing the power button the power light will turn to green
  • If the power light is green in color, push the stop or reset button
  • You can wait for a while and push it again
  • Now wait for a few minutes and tap the button three times
  • The light will now turn orange
  • Lastly, when you press the power button the lift cover will open
  • Now take out the ink cartridges for ten seconds and place it back on
  • If the cartridges are in place,  close the cover of Canon printer MX490
  • Wait for 30 seconds to tap the power button. The printer will take one piece of paper and then will request you to check the language
  • Lastly, tap the power button to power on the printer and then page counter will now reset
  • Now you can enjoy using the Canon Pixma printer MX490

To know more about the Canon Pixma MX490 you can get in touch with our printer support team @ +1-844-982-4357 or else you can also visit our site or for printer support steps.

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